Well. I guess it's time to blow the dust off of the old website, no better thing to do than just jump back in like I never left. So if you're interested at all you've probably noticed I've been gone. I'm not a fan of sob stories, so I'll just say that I was dealing with some issues and I've finally beaten the final boss. Whether or not the developer decides to release a sequel remains to be seen, but this is the best I've felt in a very long time. 

So what's going on with Raifor? It's still being worked on. The fourth book is in the outlining process and is coming along nicely. The other two projects I was working on, Somnambulist and World of Reflections suffered greatly at the hands of my ordeal, but you should be pleased to know that I'm going to be working on both of them and their new release dates should be met without too much trouble. 

What brought on my sudden resurgence? A lot of thing, but mostly, there are things I want in life and I couldn't achieve them in my previous state. Even now they're not guaranteed, as most things in life are not a sure thing. However, I have confidence that if I set myself to this task it won't be an issue to reach all of my goals. I hope that you all join me on this latest chapter in my life and stay tuned as I will also be more active on the website discussing things about my books, myself and obviously my other interests.

Most of the weird thoughts in my head end up in my books, the rest will be displayed here for you all to see and judge. Enjoy.