So, now that the website is up, I'm sure all of you are wondering what I'm doing now. Aside from finishing the outline to Somnambulist, my upcoming sci-fi YA novel, I'll be working on editing a few other things related to my brand while trying to ramp up marketing for the release of Legends of Raifor this winter. I'm still waiting to hear back from my beta readers with their feedback on that novel, but I'm still hopeful I'll have it edited, proofread, formatted and published sometime before Christmas. I'm always looking for someone willing to help me out with graphic design and artwork, so if you're interested in that feel free to contact me through e-mail or on twitter so that we can get together. For now, this site is still a work in progress and I intend to continue adding to it and updating you all on the goings on in the Ashtonverse.

So stay tuned and look forward to a lot more news from me! Take care and always trust in the aether. ;)